Gospel for Teens Classes

Freshmen Class

The first level of Gospel for Teens.  At this level, students learn breath control, pitch, harmony, and rhythm.  Students learn 4 songs over the course of the semester, as well as our own brand of performance technique.  The class is 11 weeks of high-energy, fun learning, that culminates in a concert.

Advanced Class

The second level of Gospel for Teens.  Once you're in the program, you automatically move to the next level the following year, without having to reaudition!  This level focuses on further developing and refining skills from the first level, and towards developing a repetoirie.  This class also culminates in an end of semester concert.

PBLA (Performing Before Live Audiences)

The third and highest level of Gospel for Teens.  Once they have reached this level, teens are welcome to return year after year into PBLA.  At this level, teens gain real experience performing at prestigious venues like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, New York Fashion Week and Yankee Stadium.  Recently we've performed with musicians Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, and Madonna.

Gospel for Teens Programs

Men's Jazz Quartet

Consisting of singers from our PBLA class, this is a class of men who study in the style (but not the number) of a jazz quartet.  Eli "Paperboy" Reed is one of our many resident artists, who teach this bi-weekly class.

Jazz for Teens

Our newest program, Jazz for Teens is offered to students, parents, and alumni of GFT!  This exciting new class is for students interested in learning more about Jazz music as an art form, including performance technique and history over 10 weeks.

Gospel For Preteens 

Partnering with the Ralph Bunche School, this class is modeled after the freshman GFT experience, tailored for 4th and 5th graders that meets once a week.